Sunday, 19 September 2010

Button Fun

So i have been busy and have neglected my blog yet again.... I'm now 34 weeks pregnant and have been having some much needed craft time. I've finished the blanket for the pushchair I was working on (tutorial here: )along with a few other little crochet projects such as hats and booties, though it remains to be seen whether they will actually fit baby or not lol

The blanket before I put the edging on it:

and all done:

This week I've been working on a crochet jar jacket (tutorial here: ) to put round a jar to put a button bouquet inside :

After the button bouquet was finished I had some fun using a hot glue gun to glue buttons on a mirror that lives in my bathroom but may now need to be relocated

So all in all I'm feeling very productive on the craft front, I've also done some babywearing this week I hadnt been doing much whilst the weather has been warm because I've come close to fainting without having the baby on board too. We were trying out our new to use Didymos Antigua Geckos which I bought to use with the new baby but couldn't resist having a play


I think thats all for now hopefully i wont leave it as long between updates this time but no promises ;)