Friday, 30 December 2011


Is it over yet? this holiday season has been a bit of a flop really, the boys have had a second bout of the chicken pox in a month so time for crafting and such has been very limited. I've hardly gotten anything done

I've been thinking more about setting up my Folksy/Etsy shop and decided today is the day to take the plunge and register a shop, even if i put nothing in it till the new year its a start isn't it? the trouble is deciding what i want to sell and whether to focus in more on things of just go with the wide eclectic range of things i like to make and see what happens

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Where has this year gone? cannot believe this year is nearly over. Another year of crafting, babywearing and of course making cakes. I've been thinking a lot about my crafting recently and since i have been told by my friends to start selling what i make and having more faith in my abilities i have decided to go with it. so in the new year i shall be opening a folksy/etsy shop! and now i have written it on here i cant go back....

eeek! nervous doesn't cover it!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

boob cake!

so craft time seems to be in short supply at the moment, one of the drawbacks of having a young family, but i did make a boob cake last week.

im breastfeeding my youngest son and attend a bfing support group most weeks. this week just gone was the graduation ceremony for the new peer supporters so of course cake was needed. given the nature of the ceremony a breast seemed appropriate, not sure the mayor (who ended up cutting the cake) would agree!