Saturday, 30 October 2010

Baby Dexter has arrived!

Born on the 19th of October at 05:50 weighing 7lb 7oz. He was born at home in the birth pool after an unexpected 8hr labour only 4hrs after the midwives arrived (I was in labour 26hrs with my first son)

So he is now 11 days old and I havent had much time to do anything to be honest. I have crocheted a few bits for him including a cardigan, hat, booties and mittens.

I also made a hat, mittens and booties for my neice who was born in September:

on the babywearing front newborn snuggles rock! I didnt wear him the day he was born since i spent most of it catching up on sleep and being generally pleased that he'd arrived, early (unlike big brother who was 13 days past due date) and I'd had a fabulous labour and birth experience. So he got to go in a sling for the frst time at 1 day old:

Here he is in a holidaying short wrap that my lovely friend sent me especially for my newb snuggles:

So far we have discovered he seems quite laid back (of course there is plenty of time for this to change) he likes to be snuggled (as all babys do) and that big brother is besotted with him. George is truely fascinated and wants to sit next to him all the time. He also likes to point out Dexter's body parts since we have been teaching him his. Think we might leave eyes for a while though...

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Button Fun

So i have been busy and have neglected my blog yet again.... I'm now 34 weeks pregnant and have been having some much needed craft time. I've finished the blanket for the pushchair I was working on (tutorial here: )along with a few other little crochet projects such as hats and booties, though it remains to be seen whether they will actually fit baby or not lol

The blanket before I put the edging on it:

and all done:

This week I've been working on a crochet jar jacket (tutorial here: ) to put round a jar to put a button bouquet inside :

After the button bouquet was finished I had some fun using a hot glue gun to glue buttons on a mirror that lives in my bathroom but may now need to be relocated

So all in all I'm feeling very productive on the craft front, I've also done some babywearing this week I hadnt been doing much whilst the weather has been warm because I've come close to fainting without having the baby on board too. We were trying out our new to use Didymos Antigua Geckos which I bought to use with the new baby but couldn't resist having a play


I think thats all for now hopefully i wont leave it as long between updates this time but no promises ;)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

sooo another month has passed

I've been a fairly busy bee on the craft front what with finishing the wedding cake for my brother in law and all. It turned out pretty well though could have been better but for my first attempt it was satisfactory:


I also made the topper to go on top which was most satisfying until my lovely son scattered all my beads everywhere:


Other than the cake I have also been crocheting, I have a big problem with sizing though as the hat I was making to fit the new baby fits on G's head and the booties seem too small. I've done a little bit more on my granny stripe blanket from :

and I have sewn a pram liner for the buggy to add a bit of colour and comfort for the new baby as we will be switching from pram to pushchair mode a fair bit once baby 2 is here:

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

so its been nearly a month..

since I last blogged, where does the time go? G is bombing round the house like a proper toddler now, he seems so much more grown up in just a month. On the babywearing front hubby has been doing a lot of the slinging since the weather hotted up since im too hot to even get off the sofa lol

On the craft front I still have a few projects in the works which I will update shortly some sewing projects and still ongoing crocheting. On the cake front I'm making a 3 tier wedding cake for my brother-in-laws wedding at the end of the month and of course there will be lots of pictures!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

boring update but scan on thurs!

So this week I have mainly been decorating G's big boys bedroom which is almost done :) I have my 20 week scan on Thurs when i will be 22 weeks and hubby is getting ridiculously excited. He's like a child in a sweet shop!

G has been walking a lot more this week only 6 weeks after he took his first steps. Its so odd watching him pottering around and I think hes finally walking more than crawling now, guess I now have a toddler and not a baby!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Nesting early?

So this week I have been a busy little bee decorating my house. It doesnt really need a lot doing to it but I wanted to brighten it up, so far I have repainted the porch from this:

to this:

I have started the boys new bedroom as the baby will be going into the smaller room so far he has a yellow wall and a green wall

and also today I have wallpapered for the first time ever in the dining end of my kitchen which now looks like this:


So my plans for the next few days consist of upcycling an old bookshelf for the boys room and I want to paint the other wall in his room blue as it is currently a sickening shade of pink

Sunday, 6 June 2010

crochet blanket progress

So I have been busy crocheting this week and thought I would take some new pics to show progress;





Yesterday was the rat show and other than the show hall being so warm due to the weather I had a fabulous day. I entered Agnes and Perdita into the pet class and Agnes won 3 rosettes so I was very pleased. My hammock stall also seemed to go down well and I have enough left to use for my girls which is good since the have chewed a lot of their stuff recently. G was a good boy all day, he hardly moaned at all which for a 1 year old is a pretty big achievement, of course he does love to have other children around and my friend and her little girl were also there.

Tonight I am considering decorating our house and making it a little more homely before the baby comes, G will need his big boy bedroom decorating and I have a few other projects in mind but we shall see...

Friday, 4 June 2010

todays achievements :)

So since I made this blog a whole day ago I have been fairly productive craft wise. Before I went to sleep last night I got a few more crochet squares done for my blanket which is coming along nicely, I shall upload a more recent picture soon so you can see my progress but this one is from a few days ago

Today I have spent much of the day sewing rat hammocks. I have a stall selling these hammocks on Saturday at the Midlands Rat Club show. I've been a rat owner for a while now and soon discovered that although they love to lounge around in hammocks they also love to chew them. So out of necessity I began making my own to save a few pennies. I gradually got better at making them and so started selling them as well. This all got put on the back burner during the later stages of my pregnancy with G and this is the first time I've had a stall in a fairly long time so I'm a little nervous.

I guess I should introduce you to my rats:

From L-R: Ivy Angel Perdy and Agnes


Ivy and Perdy


All 4 girls investigating

and an old picture to show exactly why rats need hammocks:


so tomorrow will be another day of sewing but the majority is now done and as for tonight I think a few more crochet squares to relax before I can sleep is a good plan :-D

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


So... I have a blog now, a spur of the moment decision to share some of my inane ramblings with the world. I'm Lisa and I have a son who is 13 months old and am currently nearly 19 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. I'm a babywearing mama and spend a lot of hours on For Sale or Trade boards looking at pretty slings and itching to buy more. I love crafting and have dabbled with a few different things including jewellry making, cross stitch, knitting (very bad at) and more recently crochet and cake making.

Today I have been asked to make my brother in laws wedding cake for the end of July and having now said yes and asked him to email me a few ideas I'm pretty scared that i will mess it up. I only started cake baking and decorating for my sons 1st birthday in April and have since made a further 3 cakes for neice and nephew birthdays. However the prospect of 4 tiers that quite a few people will see is just a bit daunting!

So other than my recent foray into cake baking I love to sew, have learnt to crochet fairly recently and really enjoy it. I'm currently making a babbette blanket with lots of different sized granny squares. I used to do a lot of cross stitching but havent picked it up in a long time now. Also in my work in progress pile is the dolls house I started a while ago now, at this stage it is still only decorated on the outside which is a huge achievement but I really need to get going on the inside. When finished it will be a fancy dress shop with the attic as a sewing room and 2 floors of miniature costume and changing rooms.

I think thats all for now, wonder if I will ever remember to update this again...