Friday, 4 June 2010

todays achievements :)

So since I made this blog a whole day ago I have been fairly productive craft wise. Before I went to sleep last night I got a few more crochet squares done for my blanket which is coming along nicely, I shall upload a more recent picture soon so you can see my progress but this one is from a few days ago

Today I have spent much of the day sewing rat hammocks. I have a stall selling these hammocks on Saturday at the Midlands Rat Club show. I've been a rat owner for a while now and soon discovered that although they love to lounge around in hammocks they also love to chew them. So out of necessity I began making my own to save a few pennies. I gradually got better at making them and so started selling them as well. This all got put on the back burner during the later stages of my pregnancy with G and this is the first time I've had a stall in a fairly long time so I'm a little nervous.

I guess I should introduce you to my rats:

From L-R: Ivy Angel Perdy and Agnes


Ivy and Perdy


All 4 girls investigating

and an old picture to show exactly why rats need hammocks:


so tomorrow will be another day of sewing but the majority is now done and as for tonight I think a few more crochet squares to relax before I can sleep is a good plan :-D

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