Friday, 27 May 2011

Some knitting, some cakes, some crocheting and some babywearing

So again i have left it far too long between blog possible but i have been a very busy little bee. I have knitted g's winter hat and made a start on d's (which is a big achievement for me since knitting does not come naturally to me)

I have also been crocheting, i have completed a few more rows on my ripple blanket for our bed and its now big enough to be used as a bed runner as it is. I've also been working on my other big crochet project which is my squares blanket.

In cake news i have now baked 4 cakes this year for our nieces and nephews and also 1 for my big boy who is now 2! Where on earth does the time go?!

Im writing this blog post on my phone so will come back and organise and edit pics when im on the pc...

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