Saturday, 22 January 2011

very bad blogger...

I have seriously neglected this blog since little man arrived and the last post date has shamed me into writing something tonight. Its been nearly 3 months since I did the last post and family life is hectic. G has settled into life as a big brother and absolutely idolizes his little brother. D is growing up far too quickly and is a chilled out smiley little chap.

Part of the reason I've been so lax with updating is that my lovely big boy developed a fascination for pouring liquids and drowned my laptop with orange squash.

in my absence i have been busy crocheting and generally crafting, I've made 1 cake and a few loaves of bread and as usual a fair amount of babywearing including my first tandem slinging experience which was awesome.

And little dude is awake, gotta run I promise faithfully to do an update with pics soon....

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